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Family Owned & Operated

Childcare Center Serving Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls

Inclusive Childcare Services

With Chippewa County, School District, and SPOT House Programs

State-of-the-Art Facility

Custom Designed Specifically for Childcare

Looking for childcare in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls area? Here's a few reasons why you should choose our childcare center:


Family Owned and Operated

Garret and Nikki Bresina started Kid's USA in 2004. Nikki has a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and has worked in childcare since 1991. Garret has an associate's degree in marketing, is a US Veteran, and has worked in childcare since 1996. Their four children (Daniel, Emma, Nicholas, and Lillian) also work at the center. The adults help provide care, and younger children help prepare projects.

State-of-the-Art Facility

After leasing space for the childcare center for several years, Garret and Nikki built their ideal facility in 2010. There is a secured front entry with a receptionist and covered drop-off area with a car and bus lane. Each room is age-specific and equipped with a child-sized bathroom, sink, and tables. Our childcare center is conveniently located near St. Joseph's Hospital as well as several medical and dental clinics for ease of routine appointments.

Inclusive Childcare Center

We utilize the services of Chippewa County, the Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District, and SPOTS House for Birth to 3 Program, early childhood programs, audiology, hearing impairment, and speech, language, physical, and occupational therapy -- to name a few.

Playground + Gymnasium

To promote a healthy lifestyle, children have recess once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Our large, fenced-in playground gives your child enough space to run and play. There are different play structures for different ages that promote excitement and safety. When the weather is not cooperating, children get to play in our gym. Each childcare and preschool room get their designated time in the gym, so their group can have a chance for some large motor activities. The gym floor is made from rubber to keep everyone safe when jumping, running, and falling.

Intergenerational Program

Your child has the opportunity each week to walk and visit residents at Dove Healthcare - Wissota Health & Regional Vent Center. It gives children an opportunity to interact with elderly members of our community and ask "those questions" which may normally come out in public when you may not necessarily want them asked. This is especially valuable to those children who may not have a grandparent in their daily lives. It enriches both the lives of the children and the residents. It's amazing to see all the smiles during these visits.


Your child is cared for in a room that is custom designed specifically for their age -- from activities to furniture.

Infant Room

A spacious area with lots of natural light, our infant room is an ideal place for your child to move and explore. It's in this room that your child will roll over by themselves, sit up without assistance, and start crawling. Connected to the infant room is a nap room where your child will have their own sleeping space. There is also a separate breastfeeding room and kitchenette.

Transition Room

As your child starts to grow and developmentally needs more stimulation, they will move into the transition room. This room is designed for the older infant and younger one year old who are learning to stand, walk, and say their first words. Children in this room still have the conveniences of a connected nap room, breastfeeding room, and kitchenette.

1 Year Old Room

No more high chair! Children in this room are sitting at child-sized tables and learning how to use utensils to feed themselves. Naps are now taken on the floor instead of the crib. Children are introduced to a child-sized sink and faucet.

2 Year Old Room

For toddlers, it is "go, go, go" from the time they wake to the time they sleep. Two-year-old children need a big space to move freely, explore, run, climb, and learn through their play. Potty training starts around this age, so having a bathroom in the room is a must. Child-sized sinks are used to wash those busy hands.

3 Year Old Room

Our three-year-old room offers different spaces and activities to play and learn with friends. Our care providers help your child understand emotions and foster friendship skills. Your child is also becoming more independent, wanting to try and do things themselves.

4 Year Old Room

Children are more self-sufficient than they have ever been and like to show you all the things they can do. This room offers enough space to spread out and play with cars, build with blocks, play dress up, and so much more.

5 Year Old Room

Children are finishing up preschool and preparing to go to elementary school. They are practicing the expectations of "be safe, be kind, and be helpful" as well as using their tools to solve problems with their peers.

All of our 4K teachers are state-certified in early childhood education.


To give the feeling of going to school, we have created a distinctly separate room with dedicated teachers for all of our preschool rooms. When preschool is finished, the teachers walk the children back to their childcare rooms.

3 Year Old Preschool

Developing social skills and learning academics while still letting them be three is what it's all about. There is a large room with lots of natural light for the kids to learn, have a snack, and read books.

4 Year Old Preschool
Building Bridges 4 Children (BB4C)

As a BB4C partner, all of our 4K teachers are certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) in early childhood education and implement the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards that align with the DPI K-12 learning standards. The Creative Curriculum, Second Step, and Learning without Tears programs provide a base for proper practices and enable your child to direct their learning while building your child's social and emotional well-being. Children in the 4K preschool program can take the school bus to and from our location.

Before/After School Care

Does your child need care before or after school? On snow days or vacation days? We work with your schedule so that your child has an enjoyable place to be while you are still at work. Children are used to being busy in school, so keeping them busy here as well is paramount. We have projects, outside play, and free time for them to use their imaginations and still be a kid. Keeping them engaged doesn't have to feel like "daycare." Children in the before/after school care program can take the school bus to and from our location.

Summer Care

Just because summer rolls around and kids are off from school doesn't mean parents get their entire summer off from work as well. We have the perfect place for your child to go for summer vacation. Each week is planned to keep your child's mind and body busy, including fun field trips!

Our son left Kids USA Learning Center six years ago for kindergarten. Our daughter just started, and we love it just as much now. Most of the staff is still the same -- which is amazing! Our daughter likes them all just as much as our son did. We know they both will have had the best early education possible.

— The Lorberter Family

When we moved to Chippewa Falls, all of our friends recommended Kids USA Learning Center. We love the indoor gym (great for cold winter days), large outdoor playground, well-rounded meals and snacks, and the excellent staff. The owners are involved and approachable.

— The Cotton Family

Our family has been with Kids USA Learning Center for six years now. We love that our youngest child has many of the same teachers that our oldest had. It shows the teachers enjoy their job. Overall, we want our children to be safe, happy, and healthy. Kids USA exceeds our expectations of taking care of our babies while we are at work.

— The Bauer Family

It's great how caring everyone is and how everyone seems to know what children belong to what parent. We like that our kids can do 3K or 4K and go right from their daycare room to their classroom. Our kids come home happy from a day of fun.

— The Klaboe Family

Every day our kids come home so happy. They love going to Kids USA Learning Center. When we drop them off, we know they are safe, loved, and learning. Kids USA is the best. We feel like they are our other family.

— The Ihfe Family

Kids USA Learning Center is very warm and welcoming. Our boys both really enjoy going there. The staff knows their names from the moment we walk in and genuinely care for their well-being and happiness. We've made lots of friends at Kids USA!

— The Potts Family

Kids USA Learning Center came highly recommended by our family and friends. We have complete trust in the providers to meet the needs of our children. It has been a great experience for our family and we highly recommend them to other families looking for a caring learning environment for their children in the Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire area.

— The Fisher Family

Kids USA Learning Center is a very nice facility. We like that it has a gym for the kids to play in when the weather is not cooperating. We really love the monthly calendar that shows what the kids will be working on each day.

— The Geissler Family

We have sent all three of our kids to the Kids USA Learning Center. We have been very happy with the structure, education, and amazing staff. Garret and Nikki are great to work with and are always open to feedback and questions.

— The Eder Family