Please review the following information.


Before admission, an orientation visit must be scheduled with the Center director, or Assistant Director, and with the teacher of the group your child will be assigned. You are welcome to visit the Center prior to your starting date. There will be no charge for the time the child is visiting, permitting the parent is present. We encourage a gradual transition, to help the child adjust.

The Center's policies and required forms are explained, and supplied at the time of your orientation visit. The forms include:

  1. Enrollment form
  2. Health record
  3. Immunization form
  4. Child information form
  5. Policy Agreement
  6. Emergency form

The registration fee is to be paid at the time of registration, and annually thereafter. The required forms are due on the child’s first day of enrollment.


Hours of operation are 5:30am – 6:30pm. The center is open Monday through Friday. We are closed on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.


All information concerning fees, are contained in a separate agreement, which will be signed by the parent(s), and kept in your child’s permanent file.


Our staff consists of qualified professionals who are dedicated to the care and education of children. They are carefully chosen, and trained, to provide the highest quality of care. All staff members must meet state standards of education, and experience. Monthly training sessions, and continuing education requirements keep all staff up to date on the most current information available on early childhood education. Staff are hired on a probationary basis, and evaluated and made permanent after three (3) months, if they meet our standards. Staff are further evaluated yearly based on parent evaluations, observations, and performance thereafter.

Discipline Policy

Discipline will be handled in a positive, loving manner, emphasizing re-direction and guidance in instances where behavior is unacceptable. Clear cut limits will be set, so children are aware of what is to be expected of them. If positive guidance and re-direction are unsuccessful in deterring the child’s behavior, a short time out and discussion with a staff member will be used to assist the child regain self-control.

No physical punishment will be used under any circumstances. Punishment which is frightening or humiliating, is also prohibited.


The major goals of our discipline efforts will be to help children gain insight into other children’s feelings, develop self-control, self-esteem, and respect for the rights of others.

Special Needs

Children with special needs, or disabilities, are welcome in our program. Some children may require a greater amount of staff, time, or expertise than what we can realistically provide. If this should be the case with your child, we will assist you in finding other resources.

Arrival and Departure

Your child should be taken directly to their classroom, and signed in with their teacher.

Children will be released only to those people listed on the enrollment form, and if the parent has notified Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. ahead of time in writing. If the Center’s staff is unfamiliar with the person picking up your child/children, a picture ID will be required.

To avoid undue worry on the part of your child, be prompt at pick up time. If you will be late, please phone the Center. All children must be picked up by 6:30pm. A late fee of $10.00, every 15 minutes will be assessed for any pick up after 6:30pm.


The Center provides breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack to all enrolled children in attendance at Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. during that appropriate time of the day.

All meals and snacks are well balanced, and high in nutrition. If your child does not eat adequately, you will be notified on your child’s daily sheet. If your child is allergic to any kinds of food, arrangements will be made for a special diet. A cook, according to a 4 week rotating schedule, provides meals at Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. Meals are served family style, with the staff joining the children at their tables.

Illness and Medications for Children

Childcare cannot be provided for children who have had a temperature, vomiting, or diarrhea in the previous 24 hours, who have a contagious illness, or who are too ill, or uncomfortable to participate in daily activities. Since this agreement stands for all children at Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc., you can be confident that your child’s exposure to the illnesses of other children will be limited.

Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. will contact parents if the child becomes ill during the day. Parents are responsible for making the necessary arrangements to have the child picked up within an hour after being contacted.

Please arrange ahead of time for an alternative source of childcare, for those times when your child is ill.

If your child contracts a communicable disease, such as chicken pox, pink eye, measles, etc., please telephone us so we may be alerted for symptoms in other children. Admission, or re-admission of any child after a communicable disease shall be allowed if the child has been absent from Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. for the recommended period of time. Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. will report all communicable diseases to the Public Health Department.


Medications should be brought directly to a staff member, and will be administered to your child under the following conditions:

1. A written authorization form from the parent, or guardian is signed, and on file.

2. Medication is in the original container, and labeled with the child’s name, name of medication, dosage, and directions for administering, date, and physician’s name.

Withdrawl and Termination

Parents may withdraw their child/children from Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. at any time. A two (2) week notice is appreciated, and the parent is responsible for any and all fees incurred while their child/children is a participant in our program. A child may be asked to leave our program if:

1. There is a severe behavior problem.

2. The parent does not maintain the fee agreement.

3. There is a failure to submit enrollment forms required for Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc.

Nap and Rest

All children under the age of five (5) years old are required by the State of Wisconsin to have a nap, or rest time. Restful music is played during this time.

Children are welcome to bring items from home for nap, such as a blanket, or stuffed animal. These items should be taken home to wash on Fridays.

Parent Participation

Parent observations and participation at Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. at center activities are encouraged. Parents are welcome to visit, or observe at any time. No appointment is ever necessary after you are enrolled.

School Age Program

Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. provides care for school age children before, and after school, as well as during school holidays, and summer vacation. Bus service is available to qualified individuals. 

Parent / Center Communication

At Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc., we have a commitment to working closely with parents, and keeping the lines of communication open. We provide a variety of opportunities to share your ideas with us. We hold four (4) parent nights each year, we provide a Center evaluation for parents to fill out yearly, we hold periodic conferences, publish a newsletter, and have a suggestion box that is always available to parents. Please keep us informed, so we can provide the best possible care for your child.

Parent Responsibility

The following is a list of things we request from parents, to assist us in providing a quality program for your child.

1. Tell your child before hand when they will be at Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc., and when you expect to return. Make your pick-up and departure, simple and brief.

2. Provide proper changes of clothing, outerwear, and necessary supplies.

3. Provide the medications, locations, etc.; your child may need, along with special instructions.

4. Provide correct and up-to-date telephone numbers, in case Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. may need to reach you.

5. Give as much information as possible to the provider about your child, preferably on a daily basis.

6. Report any changes in the home environment.

7. Provide information on what to do if your child becomes ill, or is involved in an accident while in the care of Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc.

8. Be on time to drop off, and pick up your child, or pre-arrange the change in schedule. Notify Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. in advance if your child will not be in on their scheduled day.

9. Meet financial obligations agreed upon in a timely manner.

10. Help provide ideas, materials, and activities to enrich your child’s environment.

11. Keep yourself informed by following calendars, reading the newsletter, and any special notes that may be in your mailbox, or that your child may bring home.

Medical Emergencies

In the case of critical illness or injury, we shall contact the parent(s) and/or doctor of the child. If necessary, the child will be taken to the nearest emergency room.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please don't hesitate to contact us.