Welcome to Kids USA Learning Center.


Dear Parents:

We are honored that you have entrusted your child’s care and early childhood education to us. Our number one priority is to provide your child with a safe and secure environment where they can grow and learn at their own momentum. We are dedicated to working closely with your family to achieve your child’s need on every level.

Kids U.S.A. Learning Center will provide a program of activities, planned and implemented by qualified professionals. Programs will be designed according to the developmental level of each child. Our daily schedules will include a variety of structured, and unstructured activities, and individual and group interaction. Each classroom teacher can provide a detailed schedule of what your child will be doing on a given day, and you will receive a calendar each month that highlights the theme and special activity for the day.

If you have any questions about the program now, or in the future, feel free to call and set up a meeting. We look forward to sharing in this special time in your child’s life.



Nicole & Garret Bresina


Directions to Kids USA Learning Center


Kids USA Learning Center Inc. is a demonstration sight for Pyramid Model:  Promoting Social and Emotional Competence in infants and young children in the state of Wisconsin.  Click here for more information



Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. is licensed by the State Department of Health and Social Services of Wisconsin, and conforms to all state laws regulating the operation of Child Care Centers. A copy of our state regulations is available for review at any time.


Our Philosophy

We believe:

 Every child deserves the highest quality of care and instruction.

Your child’s early experiences affect how they perceive the world throughout their lives.

Each child is an individual, and deserves to be treated with respect.

Therefore, our purpose is:

To provide a positive, safe, and loving environment, where children can grow and learn at their own rate.

To work closely with parents to develop a plan with individual care and instruction.

To help children build confidence in their abilities, and enthusiasm for exploring their world.

To help children learn to respect others’ rights and property, and foster beginning social skills.


Kids U.S.A. Learning Center, Inc. is a BB4C Parter

Building Bridges 4 Children