Wisconsin is a leading state in the provision of universally available 4-year-old programs.  The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) recognized that parents and families are a child's first and most important teachers.1  When children enter educational programs, the schools, families, communities, and the children themselves share the responsibility for their learning.

To meet the mission that all 4-year -olds have access to quality educational programs that meet high standards of excellence, Building Bridges 4 Children - Chippewa Falls will:

  • Support BB4C programs and staff to promote family-school-community partnerships and community collaborations;
  • Is responsive to parents and other citizens to seek assistance or offer suggestions;
  • Encourage programs to create a respectful, safe and caring school climate welcoming families and community participation;
  • Promote and support education and training for educators, families and other citizens to develop and maintain partnerships and collaborations for life-long learning;
  • Promote schools and communities to work together to improve student learning and citizenship development.

To learn more about the BB4C program please visit the BB4C website.




1Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Policy on Family-School-Community Partnerships 4-28-04